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Birthdate:Apr 22

Kevin Hawking
At a Glance:

Name: Kevin Hawking
Alias: Zaizane
DOB: April 22, 1959
Age: 51
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Lean
Dementia: Grandeur
Alignment: Evil
PB: Denis Leary
Sex, Cruelty, Treachery

all in a day's work
At a Glance:

Species: Werewolf (W:tA)
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancers
Camp: The Consultants
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: 4
Personal Totem: The Defiler Wyrm
Pack: The Corrupted Fang Pack
Pack Totem: The Bat

Nature: Alpha
Demeanor: Conniver

Occupation: Pentex management
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them?
I wasn't always evil...

No kid really is, right? I'm a quick learner, though. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Atlanta, Georgia on April 22, 1968. My mother raised me by herself in this little, three-room, ramshackle place that I hesitate to call a house. My father? He was a Black Spiral Dancer, and apparently was pretty important back in Ireland, before he moved to the States. I never knew him.

Mom was Black Spiral Dancer kinfolk. I didn't know that until after my First Change, but even when I was young, I knew something was wrong with her. She worked the night shift at a diner, when she wasn't too high on meth or heroin to remember to go into work. I had two older brothers that looked just like her, right down to the dark hair, dark eyes, and the unhealthy look. I took after my father in more ways than one. I looked just like him and, at the age of 17, I changed just like him, too.

Before that, I was sorta normal, you know? I didn't have the problems fitting in that I hear a lot of Homid Dancers talk about. Me? I was always at the head of the class. Class president. Football. Boy scouts. Was real good at working within the rules to get what I wanted. Auspice coming out, I guess. My first change was a messy affair, though. I'd been feeling restless for weeks, like an animal in a cage. Finally, one night, I snapped. My first change was in the West End subway station, late at night, after a gang pushed me around. The Dancers got there while I was still dismembering the corpses. Life hasn't been the same since.
Well, Hell, I guess I'm screwed.
...but it's a Hell of a lot more fun now.

That first time in the Black Labyrinth is something I'll never forget. The Wyrm spoke to me, opened my eyes to truth I'd never seen before. Mahsstrac, the Urge Wyrm of Power, came to me and whispered promises to me, promises of Power within the tribe and within the human world. I feel him still. That others can't means they are beneath me. They just don't know it yet.

The first words I spoke when I was back among my tribe, after the Rite of the Black Spiral, were "zai zane", so by tradition, my new name was Zaizane. I was taught the laws and traditions of the tribe, sometimes brutally, but I learned quick, and soon I was assigned to a Pentex First Team. That was where I really learned to blend in with those around me. Sometimes my teammates sensed what I was, but other times I passed for human better than the fomori on the team. I learned to play the political game pretty well. I was in a retrieval team, so I got to see the executives and the scientists a lot more than most Dancers. Someone took a liking to me and transferred me to Special Projects full time.

Since then, I've learned even more about company politics. The ruthless kind. People learned real fucking quick not to get in my way. I think the bosses might suspect something, because they never turn their back to me, but hell, they gotta relax sometime, and when they do...Well, you get the picture. For now, I'm Director of Special Projects at Magadon, Inc's Los Angeles branch. We're breeding things that would make you shit your pants and we're coming up with ways to get the mutts out of our hair for good. I've done this kinda shit at Pentex subsidiaries all over the east coast. Maybe next time I'll ask to be assigned to a hospital. I love a hands-on approach.
"Pure ambition burns in me. It's a beast, never to be tamed."
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The Corrupted Fang Pack
Hive: Sunset Hive
Hive Totem: Whippoorwill

Pack Totem: Bat
Pack Leader: Kevin Hawking (shared leadership in times of war)
Pack Allies:
Pack Enemies: The Garou, Several vampires within Pentex, The Sunset Strip Bastards (Dancer Pack, Sunset Hive)
Pack Purpose: The Corrupted Fang Pack was formed by several allied Black Spiral Dancers in the Pentex Special Projects division. They were brought together by shared visions of calamity and now they use their contacts within the tribe to help further the aims of Pentex and the Wyrm.

Name: Cormac
Age: 25
Breed: Lupus
Moon Phase: Waxing Full Moon
Rank: 2
Derangement: Sadism
Archetype: Warrior
Gifts: (Rank 1) Pack Tactics, Heightened Senses, Inspiration, Toxic Claws (Rank 2) Renewed Vigor, True Fear, Wyrm Hide, Horns of the Impaler
Description: Black Spiral Ahroun are devoid of everything that makes a Gaian Ahroun an honorable warrior for Gaia. Black Spiral Ahroun love only themselves. They have no sense of duty, no selfless devotion. All that's left in their hearts is ego, violence, and hatred.

Cormac is the pack's contact in Pentex's First Teams. He works in the First Team's Rangers division. This group of scouts is responsible for gathering information about enemies, checking out new companies for takeover opportunities, hunting rogue fomori, and guard duty. Among First Teams, the Rangers are the most intelligent and have a reputation for even-temperment. They are the division that Pentex executives prefer dealing with. Cormac's current platoon is one of 3 assigned to the New York City area as guards for Pentex subsidiaries in the city. Sergeant Cormac heads a team of 5 Rangers assigned to the Magadon plant, but he's gotten word from his packmate, Zaizane, that he'll soon be promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Los Angeles to lead a platoon guarding the labs in the city.

Name: Teivel Wyrm-Song
Age: 62
Breed: Metis
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon
Rank: 4
Derangement: Phagomania
Archetype: The Teacher
Gifts: (Rank 1) Perfect Recall, Mindspeak, Toxic Claws, (Rank 2) Unified Force, Burrow, Wyrm Hide (Rank 3) View the Battlefield, Foaming Fury, Allies Below, (Rank 4) Book of Years, Wither Limb
Description: Howl you crazy bastard! For Black Spiral Galliards, the choice is clear. Why tell a story when you can howl, gibber, contort, and foam at the mouth until your pack is eager for blood?

Teivel is a metis born to the Black Spiral Dancers. He earned his nickname soon after his Dance of Cunning, during a Black Spiral attack on a Gaian Caern. His howls made Wyrm beasts deep in the earth writhe violently, burying Glass Walker and Black Spiral alike in steel and concrete. He's a traditionalist who holds a dim view of Pentex's flirtations with the Weaver. However, as he ages, he's started to weaken, and he knows he'd never survive the harsh environment of a Hive. Kevin Hawking keeps him around because his abilty as a speaker and a teacher of Wyrm lore is second to none. Nevertheless, his situation irritates him and he's prone to lashing out at his packmates. His metis deformation doesn't help at all. His right leg is atrophied and barely usable. He walks with a pronounced limp and in wolf form often runs on three legs rather than four. In Crinos and Lupus forms, he suffers from mange, and in Homid form his hair is very short and thinning badly.

Name: Kevin Hawking
Age: 51
Breed: Homid
Moon Phase: Waxing Half Moon
Rank: 4
Derangement: Grandeur
Archetype: The Inquisitor
Gifts: (Rank 1) Persuasion, Smell of Man, Toxic Claws, Resist Pain, Truth of the Wyrm, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speech, Scent of the True Form, (Rank 2) Call to Duty, Patagia, Ears of the Bat, Terrify, Wyrm Hide, (Rank 3) Burning Scars, Dagger of the Mind, Disquiet, Wisdom of the Ancient Ways, (Rank 4) Beautiful Lie
Description: In a tribe as volatile as the Black Spiral Dancers, the role of the Philodox is vital to keeping the werewolves from tearing each other apart. Black Spiral Philodox are merciless judges of the Litany and punishments for violations are brutal. They care less for balance and justice than they do for getting their own way.

Kevin Hawking started working for Pentex over 30 years ago, as a junior member of a Pentex First Team. He rose through the ranks quickly, and, 15 years ago, was transferred from the First Teams to Special Projects. He is viewed with some suspicion by Francesco and Harold Zettler, due to his ruthless pursuit of power and the "accidents" that plague those who get in his way in the Corporation. However, his unswerving loyalty to the company, his fanatic zeal for protecting the company's interests, and his overwhelming ambition usually benefit his superiors far more than harm them. He is transferred from subsidiary to subsidiary, supervising new projects and coordinating efforts against the Garou.

Name: Doctor Natalie Thurman
Age: 31
Breed: Homid
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Moon
Rank: 2
Derangement: Obsessive-Compulsive
Archetype: The Nurturer
Background: Spirit Network (2)
Gifts: (Rank 1) Sense Chiminage, Spirit Speech, Bane Protector, (Rank 2) The Spirits' Displeasure, Staredown, Command Spirit, Name the Spirit
Description: Black Spiral Theurges are at the heart of the Wyrm's twisted worship. Their loyalty to the Wyrm is second to none. After all, which other auspice can claim to speak to the spirit world on a regular basis? They hold perverted Rites in the bowels of the earth, twisted mockeries of everything Gaian werewolves hold dear. Most Black Spiral theurges are not known for their ability to heal their allies. Instead, they are more likely to enjoy infecting their allies with spiritual poison.

Dr. Natalie Thurman began life as the child of Bonegnawer Kinfolk. From birth, the local sept knew she was going to be a werewolf, and she was taught the ways of the Garou. However, when she was twelve, she was kidnapped by Black Spiral Dancers on her way home from school. She was put into the care of Black Spiral Kinfolk until after her First Change. Once that occured, she was forced to walk the Spiral. Afterwards, she went to college, and then to medical school, where she showed great interest in cancer research. She interned in a Pentex-owned hospital and was eventually transferred to the Special Projects division, where she experiments with new breeds of Fomori.

Name: Phyber
Age: 34
Breed: Metis
Moon Phase: Waning New Moon
Rank: 2
Derangement: Mechanophilia
Archetype: The Sneaky Scout
Gifts: (Rank 1) Open Seal, Diagnostics, Control Simple Machine, Rathead, (Rank 2) Slip of the Tongue, Sense of the Prey, Taking the Forgotten, (Rank 3 - Glass Walker) Control Complex Machine
Description: Black Spiral Ragabash have none of the light-hearted levity that makes their Gaian brethren the comics of the Garou Nation. Their sense of humor is harsh, and is often at the expense of someone less fortunate.

Phyber is a former Glass Walker who was scouted out by Pentex and forced to dance the Spiral nearly five years ago. He attained Rank 2 in that first foray into the Spiral Labyrinth, but his mind has never been the same. As a former Glass Walker, he is tech savvy and has a real love of machines. He works as a First Team spy, specializing in electronic surveillance, electronic tracking, and hacking. He's currently stationed in Washington, D.C., but he's gotten word from his packmate, Zaizane, that he'll soon be transferred to Los Angeles. His Metis heritage is not reviled among the Black Spirals as it was among the Glass Walkers, and he takes great pride in reminding his lupus and homid packmates of his heritage and blessing from the Wyrm. Phyber suffers from an extreme form of mange. In Crinos and Lupus forms, he is nearly furless, and in Homid form his hair is prone to falling out in clumps.
Contact Info:

AIM #2: adriengriffon

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**This journal is used for roleplay only and is based on White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I am not Denis Leary or Kevin Hawking. Mun and muse are both over 18.**
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