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"Hey, you've reached Kevin Hawking. I'm not available or I saw your number and am now pretending I missed your call. Leave a message. No really, that's it. Leave a message. I'll get to it eventually."

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13 May 2017 @ 03:33 pm
Cormac's personality is loosely based on Prior from the movie Outpost. Adding a few memorable quotes because the movie is a bit hard to find video clips of and Richard Brake's character in Doom is...well, totally different.

Prior: [to Breather] You see this, this 's a Nine-mil hollowtip. This here 'll push your lungs clean through your spine, make an exit wound big enough to jump through. Now, you're gonna talk, and you're gonna talk to me...

DC: Never did care much for the great outdoors.
Prior: Yeah, ain't like we were gonna do *good* things for the rest of our lives. Fuck, we killed most everybody else. I figure it's about time we touched gloves with some Nazis, huh

Prior: [Prior shoots the Breather in the head] Well, that worked.
Jordan: So we can kill them, right?
Prior: His brains are all over the wall. That's good enough for me.
McKay: [the Breather sits up and looks at them] Oh, you're hummin' my balls!

Prior: Killed a man once. Asked for two things. When he was done crying for his momma he begged for his God, and you know what the answer was? A bullet. See, that bright light... it ain't heaven, son. It's just a muzzle flare.
"The roots of this city wrap around the great worm and all who live within its stinking bowels glut themselves on Apocalypse nectar!" The shout from the homeless bum came from entirely too close to Kevin's shoulder and the suited Dancer jumped slightly.

Kevin shot an annoyed look at Cormac, who just snickered, as Kevin snarled under his breath, "Yeah, pal, sing it from the Empire State Building, why don't ya? Not like anyone's gonna pay attention to ya."

"I could take him out." Cormac's growling voice betrayed more than a hint of amusement.

Kevin shrugged. "Why bother? From the smell of things, he's halfway there already. Come on, we got a cab to catch."
07 May 2017 @ 09:33 pm
This is a profile for Cormac, the Ahroun of Kevin's pack and usually Kevin's right-hand, made a long while back when I was kicking the idea around of playing another Dancer. I eventually scrapped the idea and made him an NPC. So. He's an NPC with a very detailed profile.

Name: Cormac
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancer
Hydra: Beast-of-War
Pack Name: Corrupted Fangs
Pack Totem: Bat
Concept: First-Team Sergeant
Rage: 6
Gnosis: 5
Willpower: 5
Rank: 2
Dementia: Sadism - You adore the reactions of others in pain. The suffering of others satisfies Angu, Urge Wyrm of Cruelty.

Info for Morbid Aristocracy:

Species: Werewolf
Fandom: Werewolf: the Apocalypse
Alignment: Evil
PB: Richard Brake

Cut for a lot of unneeded TL,DR )

Cormac is the pack's contact in Pentex's First Teams. He works in the First Team's Rangers division. This group of scouts is responsible for gathering information about enemies, checking out new companies for takeover opportunities, hunting rogue fomori, and guard duty. Among First Teams, the Rangers are the most intelligent and have a reputation for even-temperament. They are the division that Pentex executives prefer dealing with. Cormac's current platoon is one of 3 assigned to the New York City area as guards for Pentex subsidiaries in the city. Sergeant Cormac heads a team of 5 Rangers assigned to the Magadon building in Manhattan.

Cormac grew up a wolf near the Chattanooga, TN Hive. Shortly after his first change, he was captured by Black Spiral Dancers and forced through the Black Spiral. It was there that he met Kevin Hawking, and the two form the original core of the Corrupted Fangs.
Adrien de Moulins (Adrien Molyneux) | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample:
  3. Rp Sample: (Sample is from his old incarnation)
  4. Links to world background can be found at
Adrien will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy clean, with none of his previous history from Tenebrae Nostro, Six Word Stories, or the other communities he's been played in.

Gregorio D'Ambrosio | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample:
  3. Rp Sample: (Sample is from Adrien Molyneux's old incarnation. Gregorio is a new character)
  4. Links to world background can be found at
Gregorio is a new character and will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate.

Gabriel Bolivar | Canon Character | The Strain (book canon) | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample: (Bolivar is a new character, sample is from Adrien.)
  3. Rp Sample: (Adrien's old character) (One more recent, for Bolivar)
  4. Links to world background can be found at (The TV series isn't bad but it does put a little more emphasis on Eichorst early on that wasn't on him in the book. Most of the major points are pretty much the same.)
Bolivar is a new character and is coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate.

No-Prey-Remains (Mike Smith) | Canon, but so much fanon. So much. | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Rokea) | Alignment: Neutral
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample:
  3. Rp Sample:
  4. Background Info: Most information can be found in links on his profile.
No-Prey-Remains will be retaining most of his previous history, with the exception of characters he used to RP with who are coming in with a clean slate.

David | Canon Character | The Lost Boys | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample: [New character, will be filled in later]
  3. RP Sample: [New character, will be filled in later]
  4. Background info: ,
David is a new character and will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate, and will be mostly set present day, about twenty-eight years after the events of the movie, but will be available for some limited past RP.

David Everett (Taliesin Rhys Gwillt) | Original Character | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Bastet) | Alignment: Saint
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample:
  3. Rp Sample:
  4. Background Info:
I am keeping his previous CR intact as much as possible...with a twist. He's changed identities, as Ceilican do at least once a year, and as David Everett, he won't know anyone.

Kevin Hawking | Original Character | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Black Spiral Dancer) | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample:
  3. RP Sample:
  4. Background Info:
Kevin is coming into MA with most of his CR intact.

Danilo D'Ambrosio | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample: New Character, using one of the previous samples
  3. RP Sample: New character, using one of the previous samples
  4. Background Info:
Danilo is a new character and is only bringing in his CR with Gregorio and Adrien.

The Doctor | Canon Character | Doctor Who | Alignment: Saint
  1. Character Bio:
  2. Writing Sample: Using one of the previous samples
  3. RP Sample: Using one of the previous samples
  4. Background Info:,,,
The Doctor is a new character and has no previous CR to bring with him.
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I haven't been very consistent lately in responding or even being online to work on code, and I'm sorry about that. I just finished up a 60 hour work week. It wasn't supposed to be 60 hours. I'm just thankful it wasn't longer than that.

I'm in the middle of job hunting. Keeping my fingers crossed that the people that asked me back to get more detailed information from me will call me back for an interview. It's better hours and pay that nearly matches my overtime rate right now. More work, but I am willing to handle that, especially since it's eight hour shifts.

These 12+ hour shifts at all times of the day are for the fucking birds, man.

So. I'm trying. I'm sorry to people I'm flaking out on. Will be back to normal soon, hopefully.
28 September 2012 @ 07:02 pm
Great. Like I needed a headache.
26 April 2011 @ 10:30 pm
I could hang that bear by its balls. Surviving indefinitely, not a problem.

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?
Created by Oatmeal
26 April 2011 @ 10:54 am
Yeah, so I stole this idea from Anika, cuz I liked that "drabble" she wrote. Pick the top three and I'll write a drabble with me and you. Spread the meme plague. You get the drift.

1. Bad-luck!Kevin
2. Hothead!Kevin
3. Enamored!Kevin
4. Adventurous!Kevin
5. Doped-up!Kevin
6. Angry!Kevin
7. Naive!Kevin
8. Happy!Kevin
9. Lying-to-impress!Kevin
10. Insecure!Kevin
11. Bragging!Kevin
12. Sexy!Kevin
13. Injured/In-danger!Kevin
14. Naked!Kevin
15. Flirty!Kevin
16. Sleepy!Kevin
17. Scared!Kevin
18. Party/Dancing!Kevin
19. Troubled!Kevin
20. Excited!Kevin
21. Hard-working!Kevin
22. Drunk!Kevin
23. Embarrassing!Kevin
24. Sheepish!Kevin
23 September 2010 @ 03:45 pm
((This random bit of crack brought to you by a writer who has been reading Denis Leary's "Why We Suck" and trolling BRPS way too much. The statement that spawns this bit of insanity? Someone on BRPS says, "There are a lot of fun things to do with a pregnancy [plot], and said baby is a great way to get characters to interact, because baby will be EVERYWHERE with momma, and everyone likes to praise babies. Everyone." Oh ho, I beg to differ, asshole. Take one Kevin Hawking, for instance...))

Just so we're crystal-fucking-clear, I don't like kids. Not mine, not the Hive's, not the fucking secretary's. Nobody's.

So, with that firmly in your mind, you know, of course, what my favorite fucking time of the year is. Nope, I actually do like the company's annual Christmas party. That's when I get to dress up like Santa Claus, slip a couple bottles of Goblin Ale to the bartender, and cop feels on the hot secretaries in the name of old St. Nick. That night is mercifully child-free. No, the devil spawn lie in wait till a Saturday in September that I like to call Judgment Day. Also known as the fucking company picnic.

Now, by the time September rolls around, I've already got a good idea of whose kids are coming. All year, I've seen these assholes with their cute little pictures lining their cubicles, of little Johnny with the family dog or little Suzie in her diaper with a face-full of cake. All year, I've done my best to ignore the proud momma or papa, boasting about some formless pink lump in a reeking diaper like it's the next child Einstein. But all year, it's been in the back of my mind. I gotta show up to this fucking picnic. No choice. So, on this lovely, clear, calm September day, in a park so beautiful and clean even Garou dung would sparkle, I get to spend the day entertaining the whining brats. Yeah. Because it's never the people that like kids that are popular with the little maggots. It's always the one person that tells them to get lost. And God forbid I say anything. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? No, folks. Hell hath no fury like a parent whose kid's been scorned. The woman will yell and call me a prick. The parents are out for blood.

So, you know what my mood was on that nice, warm September day. Birds chirping. There was that fresh-cut grass smell everywhere. Wind blowing through the trees and over the lake. Waves lapping gently at the shore. This park looked like something off a magazine cover. Actually, I think it might have been on a couple magazine covers. And as I'm walking across the grass, I'm hoping the local tree-huggers, the clawed-and-fanged and the nutjob varieties, don't have a fucking Wyrm-detector on this park or something. You know? That would just make my fucking day. I could just imagine it. You! Satan spawn! Come out of the park with your cellphone above your head! Not sure whether I'd prefer a pack of angry hippies or what was actually waiting on me.

I was there. The grill, the only child-free safe haven in this nightmare, was in sight. I could practically feel that blessed heat. Because, you know, the moms that hang out around the grill? They're the ones that send little Suzie and Johnny to go tease the dog or put tape on the cat's feet or do anything but stand underfoot. I love the grill moms. But, guess who was waiting to ambush me before I could reach my safe haven. "Hey! Kevin! You made it! Let me introduce my wife, Patricia, and our daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie, say hi, sweetie." Yeah. You guessed it. Mr. Friendly, the new hire. The guy too new to realize I hate these things. The guy so shiny new, the office gossip hasn't had time to sink through the new-hire propaganda. The guy too stupid to remember the other twenty times I've had to correct him when he calls me "Kevin".

Hey, what the heck, I was feeling charitable. Buzz from the pre-breakfast fuck hadn't quite worn off, yet. "Right. Steve. It's Director Hawking. Might want to make a memo of that. If you'll excuse me, I see the grill is already set up for me." I made to brush past Steve while he was still doing that slow, confused blink, trying to figure out whether I was insulting him somehow. 

Of course, he didn't let me. Dumb fuck smiled that bright, helpful smile that meant I was gonna hate what was about to come out of his cherubic, rosy-cheeked baby face. "Oh, don't worry about it. Ryan's already called the grill. Hey, you're going to be busy today, anyway, right? What, with the games and all..."

Correction. That just killed my buzz and what was left of my good mood. "Excuse me? Ryan My-Wife-Owns-My-Soul Adams? The guy who can't take a shit without asking his wife's permission? That Ryan? Who thought this was a good idea and why wasn't I informed? And what are you talking about, games?"

"Ooo, you said shit! Daddy, Kevin's got a potty mouth." Leave it to the kid to make it a big deal. She couldn't pay attention for two seconds while her father introduced her, but her goldfish-sized attention span miraculously picks up on the one curse I just couldn't hold back. Just great.

The look on my face must have been enough. Steve-o had the good-fucking-idea not to let me talk. Probably his first smart move all day. "Pat, honey, why don't you take Stephanie to get a popsicle. I put a few in our cooler." As soon as the little snot-nosed angel was out of earshot, he says, "Kevin, I really think..."

"Uh uh. The grill and the games. What the fuck?" I grabbed for my pack of cigarettes like it was a lifeline. A carcinogenic lifeline. One that earned me more than a few glares from the tree-hugging parents. Another reason I hate these things. Who cares that the smog is going to do you in long before the second-hand smoke will, Al Gore says that cigarettes are bad for you, so it must be true! Give me a fucking break.

"Well, the employees thought it would be fun for the kids if we organized a few games, maybe had management give out the prizes, and you're the only manager here, so we kinda hoped you'd do it. And Kevin, about Stephanie..."

"Look, Steve, couple things your co-workers have neglected to inform you of. One: I. Don't. Like. Kids. Little Mike Hancock over there smearing ice cream all over everything his little pudgy fingers can reach? That's not cute. That's a health and safety disaster, but luckily the grill moms are there to keep him out of the food. Your little angel, Stephanie? Just put a nice healthy dose of snot in the plate of chicken. No one wants to eat that shit, it's disgusting. I put up with the brats from a distance, once a year. Two: This little plan wasn't approved by management, or else I'd have gotten a memo and my secretary would have been extra sure to laugh at me yesterday. You want these games? Get Ryan Adams and his Medusa out from in front of my grill and have him give out your stupid prizes. That's why I pay him to be my assistant."  As he was walking away, I added, "Oh, and Steve? Call me Kevin one more time and I'll make sure there's no reason for you to call me boss."

Did I mention, I really hate kids? Really. I do.

23 September 2010 @ 03:36 pm
((Dunno what I'm gonna do with it yet. I'm sure I'll think of something.))

Officially, the crumbling blocks between Broad Street and 6th Avenue are one of the worst slums in Los Angeles. Walking the streets here, a visitor could forget that all this crime, depravity, and misery lies in the heart of the largest city in the United States. It doesn't look like a clean little corner of Hollywood. It looks like a third world country. Trash and sewage line the streets. The area's only police station was closed years ago, due to budget cuts. It's now a makeshift shelter for the addicts and the homeless. Over on 4th Avenue, a fire hydrant spews water into the street. The city has long since warned all its employees to steer clear of the neighborhood.

But, the official story is not always the correct one. Among the Black Spiral Dancers, the place is known as the Sunset Hive, and it's been growing as long as the film industry in the city. The gangs that roam the streets are Black Spirals and their twisted kin. Sure, the drugs they sell are cheap and give a quick high, but the results of those highs are never pretty. The lucky ones accidentally kill themselves. Over on 5th Avenue, where the smell of sewage, trash, and worse things is nearly unbearable, grim residents guard the entrances to a row of dilapidated tenements. Even in the middle of the day, a faint green glow can be seen through the rows of dirty glass windows. Below, in the building's bomb shelter, a tunnel leads down into the heart of the Hive, far below the earth. The entire area reeks of despair and decay, and that's the way the Black Spirals like it.

A Garou unfortunate enough to stumble upon the Sunset Hive in the Penumbra, the Umbral reflection of the physical world, would see a nuclear wasteland crawling with Wyrm creatures, and in the center, in the heart of the corruption, the Hive's totem spirit, a Whippoorwill, keeps watch over the entire area. I've been there plenty of times, and not just for Rites. The corruption is visible in the Umbra. It's tangible. Pools of glowing green sludge attract Banes that wallow in the filth. All that smog that hangs over Los Angeles? I've seen it in the Umbra. I've seen the Wyrm spirits that draw strength from it. And I've helped strengthen them. Year after year, the Hive takes the fight to the spirit world, and slowly, we're gaining strength. In the Umbra, five years ago, a Garou might pass by Broad Street without a word. Now, he'd be lucky to pass by at all. If the Banes didn't get him, the fucking radioactive Hell would.

Home, sweet home, right?
07 September 2010 @ 09:22 pm
*laying on the ground, injured, gasping for breath* It was...supposed to be a punishment. Thrown into the Labyrinth before I was ready. Torn apart by the spirits. I won. *breathless laugh* They couldn't believe it. So here I am.
06 September 2010 @ 01:00 pm
"I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it." - Groucho Marx

Nine o'clock on a Friday night. You know where I'd like to be? Hell, I can think of several places. That cute blond was supposed to be on tonight down at the Playground. You know, if I could still walk straight, after that keg the guys brought back to the Hive. No, I'm not talking about the alcohol content, either. Someof the Hive women...well, I won't go there. Especially since I  wasn't at the Hive. Nope. I was still in the fucking monkey suit, sitting behind a conference table, pretending to be interested in some big wig Pentex suit droning on and on. Don't get me wrong, I cared about what he was talking about. Hell, we were talking about taking out the fucking Garou in the city. I can get into that. But I was really starting to think this guy never was human. Bet he looked forward to this all week.
28 August 2010 @ 04:45 pm
Put here for reference. May or may not happen.

Cut for OMG TL;DR )
28 August 2010 @ 04:45 pm
Put here for reference. May or may not happen.

Cut for OMG TL;DR )
26 August 2010 @ 05:25 pm
You Scored as Black Spiral Dancers


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What Werewolf Tribe Do You Belong To?
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You know you weren't surprised.

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Straightness0%39.35%Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness33.33%77.58%At least one weekend of ecstasy
Dominant68.33%86.46%Not afraid to tie the knot
Submissive84.13%86.74%Submits to no one... almost
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(By The Ferrett)
02 July 2010 @ 06:17 pm

To: Zettler, Harold []
From: Hawking, Kevin []

Subject: Plague Rumors in Los Angeles

Mr. Zettler,

Recently, a new crop of troubling plague-related rumors have made the rounds in Los Angeles. As you are well aware, the "plague" (so named by the Camarilla "prince" of the region, in order to preserve the "Masquerade") was, in fact, an attempt by a self-proclaimed deity by the name of Deacon Frost to take over Los Angeles. His was an inferior strain of vampirism, though his personal power seemed to be nearly limitless. Frost and his vampires were defeated by an unknown medical remedy and by belated action from several Garou septs. Shortly thereafter, Magadon and Ardus began the failed attempt to gain control of the nearby sea-based caern.

A new rumor has been making the rounds in Los Angeles, and it has the potential to damage Pentex operations in the area. According to the rumor, pollution in the water (presumably caused by Magadon and Ardus, though there is no proof) caused the "plague" in Los Angeles. None of the humans in the city remember the events of the plague, due to Delirium, and so the rumor is catching hold. There is quite a bit of pollution remaining in the water, due to our activity against the Rokea and we have no way to prove that the pollution happened after the "plague" ended. We have been refering government and media questions to the media relations division for the past 24 hours, but that will only last so long. The mayor's office is especially insistent that Magadon speak (off the record, of course).

As head of Special Projects for Los Angeles, I request permission to release pertinent information to the press and to the mayor's office. Accident clean-up and media relations will be handled per company policy.

An internal investigation has produced no leaks thus far. I assume the rumor came from an outside source. We are tracking down the source of the rumor and I will report when we know more.

Kevin Hawking
Director of Special Projects
Magadon, Inc - Los Angeles

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To: Hawking, Kevin []
From: Zettler, Harold []

Subject: RE: Plague Rumors in Los Angeles


Plan approved on one condition. Do NOT disclose information about Special Projects' interests in the area. That Rokea captive is proving useful and the new vampire captive promises to be even more useful. I will let Ardus' CEO know to take most of the fall for this one. Our friends at Trinity Hive have agreed to lend us their services, and so security footage of a break-in at Ardus' Los Angeles warehouse will be available shortly. Per company policy in such a situation, Ardus will claim full responsibility for the clean-up and the perpetrators will be hunted down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The hunt for environmental extremists should keep the Garou busy for a while.

Harold Zettler
Head of Special Projects Division

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kevin Hawking looked up from the email and smiled. He pressed the intercom button on his phone. "Lily, I'm expecting a package from Trinity Media, Inc in a few hours, could you make sure it gets to me right away? Also, can you call the mayor's office and arrange a meeting with him regarding the plague rumors his office has been asking us about? 9pm tonight or tomorrow night would be perfect. Thanks, Lily." He didn't wait for an answer. One wasn't expected. Lily did her job and asked as few questions as possible about the work. It was one of the reasons she was valuable, even though she wasn't the eyecandy that some of the other secretaries were.

Kevin got to work drafting the press release that Magadon would give, after his meeting with the mayor. With Zettler's word, Pentex's story was clear: A group of environmental extremists broke into Ardus Enterprise's storage facility at the Port of Los Angeles and stole several tons of biohazardous waste that Ardus was disposing of for Magadon, Inc. The waste was dumped into the ocean around Los Angeles, where it infected the water. It was suspected that the break-ins occurred over several months leading up to the recent "plague", and Magadon's preliminary findings indicate that the two events may have been related, though more research would be necessary before they would know for sure. Magadon and Ardus would perform their own internal investigations, and would be completely open to government investigation. Ardus promised to pay for cleaning up the remaining mess. Magadon and Ardus would both release statements condemning the actions of the extremists and urging any citizens of Los Angeles who might know something about the group on Ardus' security footage to contact their local law enforcement. Kevin would call in a few favors from local media to make sure the Ardus story did not outweigh the growing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It would hardly do for people to forget the perfectly ordinary crisis far from home, after all.

A little before 8pm, Kevin Hawking gathered the materials he would show the mayor, including the fresh "security footage" from a pack of Dancers from Trinity Hive devoted to just such "environmental extremism". He left Magadon, Inc, with plenty of time to get to the mayor's office early.